Warning: Don't Use These Popular Beauty Tips... You'll Ruin Your Skin and Hair!!!

If you want gorgeous hair and smooth, younger looking skin, don't try any of these 10 popular beauty tips!

Lime Deodorant
Don't use limes in place of deodorant. The high acid content hurts your skin and can lead to rashes and irritation.
Mouthwash for Dandruff
Applying mouthwash to your hair does little to help your dandruff. The alcohol hurts your scalp and could actually make the problem worse!
Use a Stiletto or Knife to Contour
The main reason you don't want to do this: it's dangerous and unsanitary. Any other straight object works just as well (a pencil, a ruler, etc).
Deodorant to Combat Shine
Deodorants can clog your pores and lead to breakouts.
Diaper Rash Cream for Breakouts
The zinc oxide in diaper rash cream can lead to further breakouts.
Onions for Eyebrow Growth
This doesn't work. Do we really need to tell you to keep onions away from your eyes?
Garlic for Pimples
This one also doesn't work. It won't hurt you (other than making you smell), but it does nothing for your pimples.
Baking With Cornstarch
Cornstarch feeds the yeast living on your skin. Use regular powder instead.
Dish Soap for Removing Lipstick
The dish soap will quickly dry out your lips.
Petroleum Jelly for Acne
This is OK as long as you use other acne fighting creams first. Using it by itself won't do much.

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