Want to Live Longer and Have Better Health? Here are 7 Ways Moderate Intensity Exercise Will Help You

High intensity exercise is all the rage these days, yet exercising at a moderate intensity has many benefits as well. Here are 7 ways exercising at a moderate pace will make your life better.

You'll Have a Longer Life
Studies have shown you'll live longer if you exercise at a moderate pace -- even longer than people who exercise at high-intensities.
You Get Injured Less Often
You're much less likely to get injured when you exercise at a moderate intensity.
You Have More Fun
It's much easier to exercise at a moderate pace than a high one.
You Prepare for Life
Moderate intensity exercise doesn't leave you beat like high intensity exercise. You have more spare energy for emergencies.
You Eat Less
Your food cravings go down more with moderate intensity exercise than they do with high intensity exercise.
You Sleep Better
All exercise helps you sleep better, but moderate intensity exercise is better than high intensity exercise for your sleep.
You Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Stable
You keep them even lower than people who do high intensity exercise.

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