These 8 Simple Hacks Will Make You Fit

Fit people aren't that different from everyone else. They just have a few habits others don't. You can use these 8 hacks to get fit, just like them!

Make Health a Habit
Once you get into the habit of eating healthy and exercising, you find it much easier to get and stay fit. Good habits are as hard to break as bad ones -- so make some good ones!
Have Fun!
If you're not enjoying your exercise program, your program isn't the right one for you.
Use the 85/15 Rule
85% of the time you should eat healthy. 15% of the time you can indulge in unhealthy food and a few drinks.
Be Competitive
Push yourself to get better and better -- but have fun with it and don't be too serious.
Remember: It's No Big Deal If You Mess Up
You'll miss workouts. You'll have days where you don't eat healthy. No big deal. Just get back to the program.
Get Help When You Need It
Nobody knows everything about fitness. Seek expert advice when you need it.
Watch Out For Analysis Paralysis
Make your workouts uncomplicated and simple. Making them too complicated makes you less likely to do them.
Don't Watch the Scale
Exercise for your health and because you enjoy it.

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