How to Turn Your Home into Your Own Private Spa

You can relax at home just like you do at the spa. Use these tips to turn your home into your own private day spa!

Use Your Blender for Beauty
You can make great facial masks with your blender. Try cold cream, yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel, and avocado for a refreshing experience.
Heat Up Your Lotions
Put your lotions on your radiator. When you go to use them, you'll thank me!
Make Your Own Rose Water
It's easy. You just steep rose petals like you were steeping tea.
Condition with Coconut
Coconut oil makes a great conditioner. Try it on your hair... you might be surprised!
Exfoliate with Sugar
Sugar doesn't just taste good. Try equal parts sugar, oatmeal, and olive oil to make your skin as smooth as butter.
Try a Shower Sauna
Turn your shower on as hot as it goes for 20 minutes. Add some oil to a washcloth and get a little of the hot water on the cloth. Put the cloth on your face. Your face will love it.
Keep It Dark
Keep the environment dark and candlelit for a soothing, relaxing experience.
Soften Your Hands With a Neat Trick
Put rubber gloves on after you put moisturizer on your hands. You seal in the moisture, and your hands feel fantastic.
Take Vitamins
They help you stay beautiful -- especially during the winter!
Olive Oil isn't Just for Cooking
Put it on your dry, clean face before your night cream. You'll be even more beautiful in the morning!

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