How to Save Money When Hiring a Contractor: 9 Home Improvements Where You Can Get a Great Discount

Are you getting some work done on your home? Here are 9 types of jobs you should always negotiate. You'll get a better deal and save lots of money.

Big Jobs
The bigger the job, the more room you have to negotiate. Contractors love big jobs and will usually be anxious to get them.
Jobs Your Neighbors are Considering
Use the fact that you'll recommend the contractor if you're satisfied with the work as leverage.
Jobs Where You Get Multiple Bids
Let the contractors compete for your business. Let a contractor know when other bids come in cheaper.
Jobs You Can Do Yourself
Tell the contractor you'll just do it yourself if the price isn't what you want.
Winter Jobs
Contractors get less work when it gets cold out. You have more room to negotiate, as they have less work available.
Jobs Where You're Not Too Fussy
If you don't care about specific details, you have more room to negotiate.
Bundled Jobs
Contractors will often give you a price break if you give them multiple jobs at the same time.
Jobs That Don't Require Materials
If the job requires no expenses on the contractors part, you have more wiggle room with the price. Example: Cleaning out your gutters.
Jobs You Can Pay For Upfront
Contractors often have issues with clients who won't pay. Many offer a discount for paying upfront.

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