9 Ways to Make Some Quick Cash When Money is Tight

Do you need some cash and need it quickly? Here are 9 ways you can get the money you need.

Pick Up a Gig on Vayable.com
If you have an unusual skill, you can offer it to others on Vayable. Vayable has everything from portraits to motorcycle tours. What you can offer is limited only by your skills and your imagination.
Become a Mystery Shopper
You get paid to go shopping and then fill out a questionnaire about your experience.
Search for Odd Jobs On the Internet
Check Craigslist. You can find dog walking, baby sitting, cleaning, and lawn mowing gigs, among others.
Have a Garage Sale
Clean out your clutter. Convert the things you don't use to quick cash.
If you have extra room in your home, convert it to cash by renting it out.
Join Focus Groups
You can make 50 to 125 dollars per day just by giving your opinion.
Perform in the Street
This can be especially profitable if you live in a large urban area.
Collect Recyclables
You can earn up to 10 cents per can. The dimes really add up.
Sell Your Body for Research
Plasma, eggs, hair, and sperm are all in high demand.

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