9 Simple Beauty Secrets Every Woman Over 30 Needs to Know for Fabulous Hair and Sexier Skin

Are you a woman over 30? You can look just as good as you did when you where in your 20's, if not even better. Just follow these 8 simple tips for glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and a look to die for.

Drink Plenty of Water
You want to keep your skin and hair hydrated.
Use More Sunscreen
Your skin is more susceptible to damage from the sun as you get a little older.
Clean Your Make-Up Brushes Often Regularly
Dirty make-up brushes irritate your skin.
Use Leave-In Conditioner
Your hair malts more as you get a little older. Leave in conditioners are a great remedy.
Cut Back on Coffee
Too much caffeine makes you age prematurely.
Eat Healthy
Your skin and hair will have more of a glow to them as your general health improves.
Get More Sleep
Your skin, hair, and body regenerate when you sleep. More sleep prevents dark circles and a dull complexion.
Anything that keeps you healthy keeps you beautiful. Slow down or even reverse the aging process with a cleanse.
Don't Smoke
Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your skin.

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