9 Little-Known Decorating Secrets That Make Your Home Look Amazing

Are you thinking about re-decorating? These 9 little-known secrets will give you the beautiful home you want.

Change Your Walls Often
Why should you be stuck with just one color? Think of your walls as a mood ring: they should change colors often.
Everything Goes Together
Everything can go together if you find the right way to mix and match your things.
Celebrate Everything in Style
No holiday or occasion is too small to go all out with the decorations.
Move Furniture Several Times
Don't be afraid to move your furniture around. Move it at least a few times. You might be surprised how different a room looks with a slight change in layout.
Always Work on Improvements
Even if a room looks fabulous now, you always want to strive to make it look even better.
Use Downtime to Redecorate Mentally
Long car rides, long waits, and anytime you have a few minutes should be used to play with decorating ideas in your head.
Re-Use Everything You Can
Before you throw anything out, ask yourself if it could be used in your decorating plans.
Small Budget? Get Creative!
The smaller your budget, the more creativity you must bring to the table. Any room can look great on a small budget.
Add Finishing Touches to IKEA Furniture
Paint your IKEA furniture. Add finishing touches. Your IKEA pieces will look amazing when you customize them yourself.

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