8 Ways You Can Have More Energy... Without Caffeine!

You can have more energy without the negative effects of caffeine. Check out these 8 tips and enjoy your new energy.

Add Some Cinnamon to Your Food
Cinnamon raises your energy level -- even if you only sniff it. Add some to your food for a caffeine-free boost.
Enjoy Some Prunes
These high fiber snacks provide you with nutrition and energy. They give you a boost without causing your blood sugar to spike (unlike energy drinks).
Drink Sombucha
This healthy drink boosts your energy and provides you with nutrients -- without sugar, calories, or caffeine!
Spend Time in Nature
Time spent in a different environment has a refreshing effect on you. Studies have found people who spend time in nature have more energy.
Enoy Some Nuts
Not only do they taste great, they help you stay energized, full, and mentally sharp.
When You Get Tired... Breath
Try this the next time you feel tired: Breath in and out of your nose at a fast pace. Keep it up for 15 seconds, and soon you'll feel better.
Chill With Cold Water
Getting your hands and face wet with cold water invigorates you. Try it next time you need a boost.
Choose a Healthy Bar, Not a Candy Bar
Health bars give you more energy. Sure, the sugar and caffeine in chocolate might give you a short lift, but pick something nutritious for a more stable energy boost.

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