8 Unique Guest-Room/Home Office Combo Ideas That Give You an Amazing Room

Are you thinking about adding a combo guest room/home office to your home? These 8 unique ideas will impress your guests and make your room look stunning.

Triple Duty Den, Office, and Guest Room
This is a fun option if you have a den with a door that can be closed for privacy.
The Modern Daybed
The modern daybed gives your room a more spacious appearance.
The Platform Storage Bed
The platform storage bed has lots of room underneath for storage. It gives your room a sleek look.
The Built in Daybed
A built in daybed works great when you need to tuck a bed into a small space.
Over the Bed Cabinetry
What a fantastic way to save space!
The Mezzanine Guest Loft
Use floor to ceiling draperies for privacy when you decorate your guest loft.
The Tailored Daybed
A tailored daybed is a great choice when the bed must go in front of a window.
The Horizontal Folding Bed
Using a bed that folds out from the wall horizontally will maximize your space.

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