8 Foods That Will Give You More Energy... and Taste Great!

Eat one of these 8 foods when you feel tired. You'll feel better soon and have more energy. As a bonus: they taste great!

Hemp Seeds
The good fats, fiber, and protein give you stable energy that lasts hours.
Lots of protein and good carbs make quinoa an excellent food when your energy levels need a boost.
Soaked Almonds
Soak your almonds in water overnight before you eat them. You'll get more nutrition from them and lots of energy.
Coconut Oil
The good fats and carbs in coconut oil give your energy levels a boost without spiking your blood sugar.
All Dark, Leafy Greens
Kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, mustard greens, and spinach all give your energy level a boost. They contain lots of nutrients as well.
Fresh Fruit
Fruits give you low glycemic index sugars. These sugars give you energy without causing your blood sugar levels to spike.
Green Tea
The caffeine in green tea gives you a boost. Other chemicals in the tea offset the negative effects of the caffeine. As a result, you get less nervous and jittery compared to drinking a cup of coffee.
Yerba Mate
This South American drink gives you caffeine but makes you less nervous than coffee.

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