8 Easy Ways You Can Build a Great Credit Score

You pay less to borrow money when your credit score is high. You get more loan offers with lower interest rates. Use these 8 easy tips to get the great credit score you want.

Don't Rely on One Type of Credit
A wide variety of credit types works in your favor. Credit bureaus see you as able to manage multiple types of loans and your score goes up.
Pay Before Your Payment is Due
Find your report date for each card (the day the cards report your balance to credit bureaus). Pay before this date. The bureaus will see you as having lower balances.
Don't Stop Using Your Cards
Keeping credit lines open helps your credit score. Just make sure you pay them off every month.
Don't Turn Down Credit Limit Increases
Lenders see it as a good sign. when you have more credit than you use.
Don't Open Retail Accounts
Every time you apply for a retail, it can take 5 points off your credit score. Take out a few and the damage really adds up.
Don't Ignore the Fine Print
You don't want to get stuck paying more than you thought you would or having terms you never knew you agreed to.
Monitor for Fraud
Sign up for a credit monitoring service. Even one instance of fraud can mess up your credit report.
Don't Co-sign Loans
You put your credit score at risk. Even if the person you co-sign for is only a couple of days late on a payment, it hurts your score.

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