7 Times You Must Update Your Homeowners Insurance: Save Money and Make Sure You're Protected

Want to save money on your homeowners insurance and make sure you're fully protected? Contact your agent when you do any of the following 7 things.

You've Had Renovations Done
The value of your home may have went up. Make sure you're covered for full value.
You've Bought a Big Ticket Item
Big ticket items include pricey artwork or jewelry. Make sure you have enough coverage to cover the loss of these items.
You've Quit Smoking
Most insurers reduce your premiums when you stop smoking. The risk of fire goes down.
You've Retired
Your risk of fire or burglary drops. You should see your premiums go down.
You've Installed an Alarm
Your risk of burglary goes down when you add an alarm system. Your premiums should drop as well.
You've Installed a Pool
You have an added risk to insure against( drowning). Make sure you tell your insurance company so you have coverage if the unthinkable happens
Youve Gotten a Dog
Tell your insurance company if you've gotten a dog. You want to make sure you're covered against dog bites.

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