7 Steps to Picking a Great Real Estate Agent Who Helps You Get the Home You Really Want

Are you looking to buy a house? Follow these 7 easy steps to find a great real estate agent. You'll pay less for your home and be much more likely to get the home you really want.

Talk to Recent Clients
Talk with the recent clients of any agent you're considering. Ask if they're satisfied with the agent.
Look Up Their Licence
Make sure you're dealing with a licenced agent. Check the state real estate boards to make sure they don't have any disciplinary actions or complaints against them.
Go With a Proven Winner
Peer awards are a great sign. The more rewards from other agents, the better.
Check Credentials
Real estate agents have specialties. Find out which ones an agent has, and make sure they match your needs.
Find Out How Long the Agent Has Been in Business
You want an agent who's been working in the area for a while -- preferably five years or longer.
Look at the Agents Current Listings
Are they similar to what you want to buy? You want someone who specializes in the area and price range you're looking for.
Ask About Houses for Sale Nearby
A good agent should know them off the top of his or her head. You want someone who really knows the area.

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