7 Simple Tips for Financial Wellness: How to Have More Money (and Fun!) Over the Long Run

Are you unhappy with your financial situation? Follow these 7 simple tips, and soon you'll have more money and feel more financial secure.

Look at Your Expenses
Find ways to cut back. You might be surprised how much money you spend on things you don't need each month.
Automatically Save
Set up your bank accounts so 10% of your paycheck automatically goes into a savings account.
Limit Entertainment Expenses
Look at how much you spend eating out. The occasional treat is OK, but you can save by eating out less often.
Have a No-Spending Day Once per Week
Don't spend any money one day each week. You'll be amazed by the free ways to have fun you come up with!
Less is More
Always look for cheaper ways to do things. A Hulu subscription costs less for a month than going to the movies once, for example.
Carry Cash
You'll be less inclined to buy the little things you really don't need.
Give to Charity
You'll feel better about yourself and have a better relationship with money.

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