7 Simple Hacks That Help You Build Healthy Habits

Would you like to be healthier? It's not difficult or complicated. Just follow these 7 simple tips for a healthier, more enjoyable life.

Eat Breakfast
Stock your kitchen with healthy foods so you always get the day off to a great start.
Keep Fitness Fun
You'll enjoy exercise more if you do it with a group.
Take your mind off work and other issues when you exercise. You'll find the mental peace a welcome relief. You'll also find exercise more fun.
Create a Ritual
It takes about 90 days to form a new habit. Do your exercise at the same time everyday until then.
Find a Partner
Workout buddies keep you accountable and give you a push when you slack off.
Set Goals
Keep reminders of your goals all around you. Put them on your desk and other places where you'll always see them.
Practice Moderation
It's OK to eat unhealthy on occasion. It's OK to overeat now and then. Just make sure at least 80% of the time you eat healthy and in moderate amounts.

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