5 Renovations That Hurt Your Home's Value: Think Twice Before Doing Any of Them!

If you want to maintain your home's value, you want to think very carefully before doing any of these five things.

A Swimming Pool
A pool can be great fun. But... they cost a lot of money to take care of, and you almost never get back what you spent when you sell your house.
A Permanent Home Office
Most home buyers would rather have a bedroom. Your house will be harder to sell and fetch less money if you convert a bedroom to a permanent home office.
A Garage Turned into a Bedroom
Most home buyers would rather have the garage.
Too Much Landscaping
Buyers will be scared your fancy gardens will be too much work.
Too Much Bright or Odd Color
Most buyers prefer neutral colors. Think long and hard before adding bright or unusual colors to your walls.

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