5 Hottest Neighborhoods in San Diego Real Estate

Carmel Valley
349. That's right 349 sales in the last 6 months. Numbers are numbers. 90 active listings and 73 homes are pending.
North Park
Not just for the art lover, music fan or foodie, North Park is red hot for real estate. 223 sales in the last 6 months. There are 59 active listings and 110 homes are pending.
One of the best beaches in the San Diego area also sports one of the best real estate markets. 59 sales in the last 6 months. There are 17 homes pending and 22 active listings.
Del Sur
With the schools having impressive rankings it is no wonder the real estate sales are just as good. 64 sales in the last 6 months with currently only 7 active listings. There are 12 homes pending.
Bressi Ranch
While not very large in size the sales are impressive. This neighborhood is nearly sold out. There is only 1 active listing and 5 pending sales.

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