5 Hot Decorating Trends That Make Your Home Look Fabulous

Does your home need a new look? These 5 popular decorating ideas are simple, easy, and fun. They make your home look fabulous!

Natural Textures
Wool, linen, rattan, cane, abaca, marble, and other natural textures add dimension to a room.
Gray is a very popular color choice. It gives your home a fabulous look while still being a neutral color.
Mixing Materials
You can mix and match different materials and finishes. Don't be afraid to use different types of counter-tops.
The King Midas Touch
Gold is back in style, particularly gold with a subtle golden hue. A gold colored piece adds some nice flair to any room.
Tiles That Look Like Wood
Tiles that look like wood are enormously popular. They give your kitchen a natural look.

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