5 Hidden Housing Costs New Homeowners Don't Expect

There are several under-the-radar expenses that accompany home ownership that you might miss.

Moving Expenses
The cost will depend on how much stuff you have, how many flights of stairs the movers are going up and down and the distance they need to travel to deliver it. You'll save a huge chunk if you plan to enlist the help of your friends.
Utilities and Other Day-to-Day Usage Expenses
Knowing is half the battle. Tread lightly initially, too. Stay conscious of lights, heat, and A/C running only when necessary to help slow down the speed at which you're accruing new bills.
Termite and Pest Treatments
Before you move into your new home, you should get the all clear that it's termite-free. The owner is not required to rid the house of pests, but only to disclose the existence of the pests. If you choose to move forward with the sale knowing that there's an active pest problem, the problem is on you.
Landscaping and Other Outdoor Maintenance
Other hidden costs to new homeowners can include, but aren't limited to: snow removal, roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, and outdoor pest removal.
Furnishing All the Rooms
Your eyes opened wide to the four-bed, three-bath colonial when you first saw it. Beds, dining tables, couches, sofas — any or all of these may be required, and none of it is cheap.

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