5 Color Choices That Give You a Serene, Soothing Bedroom

These 5 colors give your bedroom the calm, serene, and soothing atmosphere you need after a long day. As a bonus: they look great!

Soft Grey
Soft grey gives your room a calm feel while still keeping things light.
Icy Blue
Icy blue reminds you of the sky on a clear, crisp day. It's still soft enough to be quite relaxing.
Dark Grey-Blue
Soothing doesn't have to be boring. Dark grey-blue is perfect if you prefer bolder colors.
Soft Neutral Green
This soft green color gives your room a natural feel while still being soft enough to sooth you.
Purple hues have a stress reducing effect. Just make sure you counter the coolness with a warmer color choice for the carpet, or with wooden floors.

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