5 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home

A real estate agent is the person whose job it is to know if there's a house out there to fit your needs, and he or she will hold your hand through the deal to boot.

Finding Available Homes
Though most homes for sale are widely available for buyers to assess on Web sites, in some cases, sellers don't want the fact that they're selling to be widely publicized. In those cases, only the real estate agents know the houses are for sale. Sometimes health problems, financial problems or divorce factor into the need for privacy. Or sometimes, people don't want the sale advertised during the holidays. Either way, working with a real estate agent gives you access to homes you might otherwise miss seeing.
Requesting Repairs
A real estate agent will be able to identify trouble that you may not see, as well as recommend a good independent home inspector who will provide a detailed report on problems with the house. The agent will have a good sense of what's reasonable to request and what's excessive.
Pricing Expertise
Real estate agents have the experience to know whether a specific house is overpriced or under priced. In the best-case scenario, an agent will have such a good idea of what you're looking for that she won't even waste your time touring houses that won't work.
Unemotional Negotiation
The best way to make a deal is to look for the positive part of every offer and counteroffer, and never let the other party see you make a sour face. Experts advise that you let the agent take the heat in difficult negotiations.
Avoiding Closing Problems
A real estate agent knows to watch for trouble before it's too late cause when a sale nears closing, all kind of pitfalls can kill the deal in the final hours. Real estate agents are used to dealing with these types of issues and can work through almost any challenge that arises.

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