10 Truly Bizarre Things Stess Does to Your Life

You won't believe these 10 strange things stress can do to you. Learn what they are so you know how to avoid them

Stress Slows Your Workout Recovery
You'll be sore longer and less fit if you're stressed all the time. You'll feel tired and won't be able to workout as much.
Stress Leads to Memory Problems
Studies have proven this. Stress hurts your mental performance.
Stress Causes You to Gain Weight
Stress causes your body to release hormones telling you to eat and store fat.
Stess Causes Insomnia
You need sleep to be healthy. Try to reduce stress and get more exercise if insomnia is a problem for you.
Stress Can Make You Sick
When your body is stressed you have a harder time fighting infections and viruses. Your immune system is weaker.
Stress Causes Hair Loss
Fortunately, hair you lose because of stress can grow back. Even so, it's better to avoid stress related hair loss in the first place!
Stress Hurts You in the Bedroom
Stress causes hormonal changes in your body. These changes hurt your performance.
Stress Hurts Your Eyes
Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Some rest and alternating hot and cold compresses can help.
Stress Can Lead to Diabetes
The more stressed you are, the higher your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Stress Gives You Allergy Attacks
Scientific studies have proven this. Stressed people have more and worse allergic flare-ups.

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