10 Tasty Treats to Help You Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

Try these ten tasty treats the next time you have a sugar craving. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

A Smoothie With Yogurt, Milk, or Protein Powder
The vitamins and nutrients make you healthy. The protein makes you feel full.
Plain Yogurt
The fiber and protein in yogurt make you feel full. Add some fruit for a delicious snack!
Steel-Cut Oatmeal
Oatmeal helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. Stabilizing your blood sugar reduces your sugar cravings
Cinnamon also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, thus reducing your sugar cravings.
The chromium in apples reduces your sugar cravings. The nutrients help you stay healthy.
Nut Butter
This protein rich food stabilizes your blood sugar level, making you feel full.
Grab this low-glycemic index treat the next time you have a sugar craving. You can enjoy something sweet without consuming a lot of sugar.
Another sweet vegetable that helps you conquer sugar cravings.
Sweet Potatoes
This sweet veggie is chock full of nutrients. Sweet potatoes help you stabilize your blood sugar levels and make you feel full.
Studies have shown eating vanilla (or even smelling it!) reduces your sugar cravings.

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