10 Super Simple Ways You Can Stay Fit and Healthy

You can stay fit and healthy with these ten simple tips. A few small things can make a big difference -- try these simple tips today.

Kick Your Bad Habits
Smoking, drugs, and other addictions do nothing for your life but hurt your body and mind.
Get Check-ups
An annual physical can prevent a lot of problems before they get serious.
Get Enough Sleep
Good sleep improves your health in just about every way. Not getting enough sleep will eventually cause serious problems.
Even a moderate amount is great for your heart and lungs. Try to do some each week, if not everyday.
Make Healthier Food Choices
Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables,and whole grains as often as you can.
Eat Breakfast
You'll stabilize your blood sugar and have an easier time keeping your weight down.
Drink Plenty of Water
It's the best beverage for keeping your body healthy.
Reduce Stress
Anything relaxing is good for your health. Try meditation or yoga. Don't overwork yourself on your job, and make sure you take some days off now and then!
Express Yourself
Make sure you let your thoughts and emotions out. Bottled up emotions can really hurt your health.
Keep Trying
You won't get healthy in just one day. Focus on making one change at a time. Consistency is key.

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