10 Remodeling Ideas That Never Go Out of Style and Make Your Home Look Fabulous

These 10 remodeling ideas give you a home that looks fantastic. All 10 will never go out of style. You'll never have to worry about updating again -- your house will always look fabulous.

Vintage Looks
Older styles become ageless, not dated. They can really add some flair to your home.
Neutral Finishes
Use neutral finishes and then accessorize with whatever's in style. The accessories might go out of fashion, but your finish won't
Zen Inspired Designs
Japanese style designs keep things simple. They never go out of fashion.
Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Areas
This fun idea was in fashion 100 years ago. It will still be in fashion 100 years from now.
Universal Design Features
Things that make your bathroom more accessible give it a modern look. They never go out of style.
Stainless Steel Appliances
Kitchen trends come and go. Stainless steel always looks good.
Minimal Finishes
Minimal finishes look fantastic. The more minimal the finish, the less likely it is to go out of fashion.
Granite goes in and out of fashion. Marble always looks great.
White Cabinets
White cabinets go with anything else you install. They never go out of style.
Subtle Backsplashes
Subtle backsplashes look great and never go out of style.

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