10 Mistakes You're Making that Sabotage Your Success

Don't be your own worst enemy. Don't stop yourself from being all you can be. If you want to be successful, avoid these 10 common mistakes.

You Think Too Negative
Try to maintain a sense of humor. Also, channel the negative energy into something positive.
You're Too Rigid
Solution: Be OK with uncertainty. You'll grow more flexible and confident as you gain more experience.
You're Overcompetive
Try to focus on your goals. Remember you have a job to do. As long as you do it well, how someone else does their job is none of your business.
You Don't Go to Office Events
You don't need to stay all night, but the occasional office social is good for your career and morale.
You're Always Late
Ask yourself: Why am I doing this job? What am I trying to accomplish? Focusing on your goals gets you motivated to rush to meet them.
You Share Too Much Personal Stuff at Work
Don't share your personal social media activities with co-workers. Facebook and twitter are for your friends, not your co-workers.
You Don't Take Criticism Well
Don't get defensive. Learn from what people tell you, and focus on improvement.
You Spread Gossip
Own up to it, apologize if you need to, and focus on your work. Try to befriend the people you gossip about -- sometimes you're jealous of them!
You Don't Take Responsibility
Taking ownership of your work ironically makes you feel more free. You perform better as well.
You're Insecure
Don't be afraid to ask for help. Also, remember your boss hired you for a reason -- they must see something that's good in you!

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