10 Little-Known Decorating Secrets That Make Your Home Look Fabulous

Professional decorators know things most people don't. Here are 10 little known decorating secrets they use to make a room look stunning. You can use them as well. Your home will look fabulous.

Give Your Furniture Room
Lots of room between furniture gives your home a spacious look. The space gives more attention to each piece.
Arrange Furniture on a Rug the Right Way
There are three proper ways to arrange furniture on a rug. Which one you use depends on several factors. Click through to the full article to learn more.
Hang Art at Eye Level
The center of a painting should be between 57 to 60 inches off the ground.
Don't Go Overboard With a Theme
Themed rooms almost always lack originality when you go too far.
Create a Focal Point
Choose your star piece and make it the focal point.
Pick the Paint Colors Last
You want to see how colors look against what's going to be in the room.
Use Sight Lines
The focal point between one room and the next should be easy to see.
Make Sure Each Piece Fits
Don't hang something just because it was a gift. Don't clutter your space up with too much stuff.
Vary the Scale
Pieces of varying scale can often work well together.
Dare to Be Bold
Make a statement and have some fun. Decorating doesn't always have to be a serious affair.

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