10 Green Remodeling Tips That Save You Money (and Save the Environment)

Want to save money when you remodel? Are you concerned about the environment? These 10 smart remodeling tips keep your costs down and keep the planet green.

Use FSC Certified Products
This ensures the products were obtained and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
Re-Use Things When You Remodel
Consider what you might be able to re-use from your old building supplies when you remodel. For example, old wood counter tops make nice cutting boards.
Use Less Toxins
Try to use no or low VOC paints. Beware of toxins in other building materials.
Go Natural
If you have a choice between a natural building material or a recycled one, the natural one is usually more eco-friendly.
Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners
Vinegar and water work great. Avoid most commercial products as they contain toxins.
Double Duty Furniture
You can save space by using furniture for more than one purpose. For example, consider bench seats in the kitchen where you can store things underneath them
Double Duty Rooms
Don't just use the furniture for more than one thing -- use the entire room. The living room in this picture converts to an office through fold down desks.
Go for Low Upkeep
As a general rule: the less it costs to maintain your home, the more energy efficient it is.
Use Low Maintenance Materials
The previous general rule applies to your building materials as well.
Use LED Lights
Your electric bill will go down. LED lights cost more upfront, but pay for themselves in less than a year.

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