10 Fun Ways to Decorate With Chalk Board Paint and Give Your Home A Unique Look

Looking for some fun decorating ideas? Try adding a little chalk board paint. You can easily add flair to any room. Your house will look unique and amazing.

Kitchen Message Board
This easy and fun idea really adds a nice accent to the wall.
Kitchen Island
Your kids will love it!
Chalkboard Wall
This unique idea adds flair to any room. You can write messages to your family members they're sure to see!
Plant Hangers
You can label each plant, then erase and re-label when you grow something new.
Fridge Message Board
A great way to stay on top of shopping or to-do lists.
Room Accent
A chalkboard (or chalkboard paint) in the middle of a decoration adds some flair. The only limit is your imagination!
Quote of the Day Board
This adds a nice touch to any room.
Chalkboard Cabinets
The chalkboard cabinet makes it easy to remember what goes where.
Walls in the Kid's Rooms
What a fun way to add some flair to a child's room. Your kids will love it!
The Basic Drawing Board
You can write messages to each other or have some fun drawing silly pictures.

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