10 Foods You Can Eat for More Fun and Better Performance in the Bedroom!

Eat these 10 foods to make your love life sizzling hot. You'll find yourself more satisfied in the bedroom.

Who knew? Studies have shown women who eat apples daily have better sexual functioning and increased lubrication.
This South American herb will boost your desire for sex. It might take daily use for a few weeks to see results.
Peppers improve your circulation.. the hotter the better. Improved circulation leads to improved erectile function.
Green Tea
Green tea also improves your circulation.
Red Wine
One to two glasses will improve arousal, especially in women.
Chocolate helps you get in the mood. Studies have found it contains chemicals which make you feel good and boost your desire for sex.
Ginseng gives a boost to a woman's libido. Ginseng helps a man improve his erectile function
The zinc in crabs helps you to boost your libido. It also helps men raise their testosterone levels.
Studies have found saffron helps improve your sexual performance. Put a little on your food to have more fun in bed.
Nuts help you improve your blood flow... to all parts of your body. They improve sperm vitality and motility in men, and they reduce vaginal dryness in women.

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