10 Easy Ways to Create an Amazing Home Office

Are you thinking about using part of your home as an office? These 10 simple design ideas will make your home office look awesome.

Spare Bedroom Office
Add an elegant table and keep the design simple. This lady went with just a lamp and some flowers for a polished, elegant look.
Hallway Station
Co-ordinate the colors with the walls and the carpet/rug.
Closet Office
Remove the closet door and replace it with a curtain. Add some shelving and art.
Spare Corner
You can store things under the desk. We suggest you put art on one wall and a bulletin board on the other.
All-Purpose Space
Corkboards, pegboards, and a chalkboard can add a nice flair.
The Floating Desk
A desk suspended from the wall converts any space into a useful home office.
Vintage Office
Wire baskets mounted on a board add a vintage touch to your home office space.
The Attic Office
This out of the way option is great for messier people -- no one will see your mess!
The Office With a View
Setting up your desk right by a window gives you plenty of light as you work.
The Basement Office
Colorful rugs and comfy chairs look great in a basement office.

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