10 Cheap and Easy DIY Remodeling Hacks That Make Your Home Look Stunning

Would you like your home to look more modern, but you don't have the money to remodel? Here are 10 inexpensive ways you can remodel without breaking the bank. You can easily do these yourself. You'll save a lot of money and have a home that looks great.

Apply Liquid Stainless Steel to Appliances
Your kitchen can have the stainless steel look without the cost.
Painted Faux Kitchen Tile
This is an easy and very inexpensive way to get your kitchen looking fabulous.
Add Crown Molding Around a Door
Crown molding transforms a boring door into a stylish one.
Put LED Lights Over Your Countertop
An inexpensive way to add a classy look. The lights cost around $12.
Hang Art at Eye Level
Art looks better at eye level: about 60 - 66 inches off the ground.
Paint Old Floors
Save money on new tile and paint the old tile instead.
Replace Old Stair Carpeting With a Runner
A runner costs a lot less than new carpets and looks just as good.
The Closet Home Office
It's much less expensive to put an office in a closet, as opposed to converting a whole room.
Add Mirrors to Closet Doors
They make the room look bigger.
A Pegboard Rack for Your Tools
This makes your work area look much less cluttered. Your home looks better when it's organized.

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