How Meditation Can Make You a Better Person

Meditation makes you feel calm and at peace. But did you know it also makes you a better person? Read on to find out how.

You Have Less Stress
Meditation helps you let go of things that used to bother you. This makes you more pleasant to be around.
You Get Better Sleep
Meditation helps you let go of the psychological issues that lead to insomnia. We all know insomnia makes people grumpy!
You Recognize Your Thought Patterns
And learn you can choose different patterns. This leads to...
You Can Break These Patterns
You don't always need to respond to people or situations the same way. You discover you have a choice. You can choose to treat people better.
You Become More Compassionate
Meditation will increase your concern for others.
You Enjoy the Moment
Including the people around you. When you enjoy the people around you, you treat them better.
You Gain Self-Control
This can really help in tense situations with other people.
You Process Emotions Better
You can choose to react or not react to your emotions. This leads to better interactions with others.
You Become More Creative
Meditation helps your brain become more creative.
You Become a Better Listener
You find it easier to focus on what other people are saying to you.

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