10 Easy Hacks That Make Your Home Much More Appealing (and Cost Next to Nothing)

Don't have the money for renovations? Try these ten easy techniques to make your home much more appealing. You'll save money while adding class and flair to your home. You might think you're living in a new house!

Hang Curtain Rods for a Canopy Bed
An easy way to add some flair to your bedroom.
Hide TV Wires With a Shower Curtain Rod
This inexpensive hack gives you a clever way to tastefully hide your wires.
Make Your Laminate Countertop Look Like Stone
This hack only costs you about 15 dollars. It's a simple and easy way to upgrade your kitchen.
Add Cheap Framed Mirror to Closet Doors
An inexpensive way to get an upscale look.
Update Your Vanity in 20 Minutes
Your vanity can look much more current in only 20 minutes. Click on the article linked with this slideshow for directions.
Frost Your Windows With Corn Starch
This hack makes your windows look amazing. It also gives you more privacy.
Spray Paint a Gold Shower Curtain
Suspend the rod from the ceiling. It gives your bathroom the illusion of higher ceilings.
Frame Your Flat Screen TV
Use molding trim to give your living room an upscale look without breaking the bank.
Double Up On Shower Curtains
Set them up so they part instead of slide.
Bookend Clothes Racks With Shelf Brackets
An inexpensive way to add flair to your clothing racks.

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