10 Clever Beauty Tricks That Save You Time and Money... and Make You Look Amazing!

Would you like to know some easy ways to save time and money on your beauty routine? These 10 clever tricks get you looking amazing while saving you time and money.

Use Red Lipstick for Dark Circles
Blot the lipstick on the area. Blend it with a damp beauty sponge, and then use your usual concealer. Your circles will vanish!
Grow Lashes With Castor Oil
Use it every night for full, fluttery lashes.
The Triangle Hack for Lifting Your Eyes
Apply concealer from the corners of your eyes to a point below your cheekbones, then blend with a damp beauty sponge. Your cheekbones will look great!
Connect the Dots for Cat Eye
Applying eye liner can be tough. Make dots along the area you want to cover, then connect the dots. You won't have any more shaky, wavering eye liner issues.
Cornstarch Lash Pump Up
Apply mascara like usual. Dust on a layer of cornstarch. Apply a second mascara coat. Enjoy your new pumped-up lashes!
Makeup Baking
Apply your contouring foundations, then apply a good amount of translucent powder to the area under your eyes and your cheekbones. Let it sit for five to ten minutes, then dust it away.
Apple Cider Vinegar Toner
Apply equal parts apple cider vinegar and water to your skin. Your skin will glow after just a few treatments.
De-clump Mascara With Contact Solution
Add a few drops of contact solution or Visine to dried out mascara bottles. They'll be as good as new.
A Hack to Define Your Lips and Brows
Outline your lips with concealer and then blend it in. You'll have much more well defined lips. The same thing works for your eyebrows.
The Green and Yellow Technique
Hide imperfections with greens and yellows. Use green color correctors on red blemishes, and yellow on purple blemishes.

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